How Tech Investments Can Drive Profits for Your Small Business

From protecting data to managing inventory, technology is a must for any business. Some small business owners worry that investing in the latest tech will put them over budget. Luckily, technology is constantly evolving, and many of the latest tools and software are reasonably priced for businesses of all sizes. Your business stands to lose money, customers, and data if you choose not to invest in some of these technologies. Here are some tech tools your business can’t afford to overlook.

Data Protection

When it comes to running a business, many executives prioritize sales, marketing, budgeting, and operations. However, one area that is often forgotten is data security. Forbes calls data protection the most overlooked risk in business today.” Cybercrime could potentially cost companies trillions over the next few years, with small businesses remaining the most vulnerable to attacks. Email scams and phishing attacks are on the rise. Meanwhile, computer viruses and hackers pose a threat to businesses around the globe. Luckily, there are ways to protect your business and your profits.

Start by installing and updating antivirus software. Create a data protection policy, including the use of a password manager, and train all employees on how to keep business data and customer info safe.

If your business experiences data loss after a database crash or cybercrime, don’t waste time. Contact a tech support professional specializing in data loss recovery and prevention. And if you’re not working with a dedicated IT company, now is the time to start. A company like Divergent IT can find solutions for all your business’s IT management and security needs. By contacting the pros, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your data is protected.

Desktop As A Service (DaaS)

If you have a remote team to manage, it may also be a wise choice to invest in services that allow everyone to work at their most efficient. Desktop as a service, or DaaS, is one of these.

Citrix explains that DaaS is essentially a virtual desktop. It allows your staff or yourself to tap into a virtual workspace from any device. This means that you have access to all of your apps, files, and services no matter where you are. And, unlike a virtual desktop, which you are responsible for maintaining, utilizing a service for the hosting and management means you have access to tech support when it’s needed most.

Social Media

Another budget-friendly way to “save time and money,” according to Boston Help Desk, is to incorporate social media into your business marketing strategy. Social channels like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and SnapChat are free and easy to use. Businesses can purchase affordable paid ads on certain platforms or use hashtags to reach a broader audience. If you need help marketing your business on social media, you can turn to a professional like a Facebook marketing freelancer. Best of all, there are plenty of automation services, from Buffer to CoSchedule, to boost your productivity and organization. It’s possible to cross-post to multiple platforms at the push of a button, or set up automatic email replies, freeing up your time to focus on other essential marketing tasks.

Choosing business technologies can be challenging. Rather than passing on the latest tech, take advantage of affordable tools that can impact your bottom line. When it comes to managing inventory or keeping your data secure, some technologies will improve and protect your business. Start by reviewing your budget and business goals, then strategically compare tools and software. Weigh the pros and cons of each technology to find something that meets your business needs and budget. Researching the right tech for your business will prepare you for maximum profitability and success.

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