Choose a Microsoft Surface® device that's right for you.

Updated: Jun 10

Surface devices are designed to cater to different industries, working styles, and personal preferences. From 2-in-1 mobile pads and compact laptops to powerful desktops for permanent workstations, professionals can select a device that meets their needs. Microsoft offers guidance in deployment and device management, which ensures seamless usage in work environments.

As the work force changes, it is more important than ever to be flexible. The Surface Pro allows the user to work wherever they need to get things done. Super light and portable, it's easy to pack up and take on the go whenever necessary. If performance is your main priority, the Surface laptop is a great option as it runs professional graphics apps and programs smoothly, while still giving you the option to work from home or remotely. If you are looking for a more permanent desk setup option, the Surface Studio provides a gorgeous display with a convertible stand.

Whatever your needs are, you can fulfill them with a Microsoft Surface computer. Check out this infographic, provided by Divergent IT, to learn more about Surface products and decide which one could be right for you.

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